From Grape to Flamingo

Burlington Waterfront after “Time Kills Art” Art Opening at Foam

That’s how the google calendar colors are turning (or the cookie is crumbling?) as Cancer replaces Funerea Ltd. Co. WTF! I feel like Funerea was just entering some of the public consciousness. Well, I’ll just have to reawaken it when I am done with chemo.

Okay, the lowdown. Met with my oncologist, Kim Dittus, who is great (I have to say I think female docs are rocking the world; my surgeon is amazing too, and the woman I hope to see at Dana Farber is THE world renowned expert on Inflammatory Breast Cancer). So, yes, my diagnosis of IBC seems to be fixed though Dana Farber (DF from here on out) will be the final arbiter thereof. Now before you all go googling IBC and freaking out, there have been a lot of changes in the last two years which have not yet made it to the interwebs so don’t bother going there. I spoke with Midd friend Mo Hill Collins who was diagnosed 9 weeks ago [and they say this is rare? “Inconceivable, you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”] Her doc is Dr. Overmoyer, of world renown fame, and she is very positive about new outcomes. Mo is on her 8th chemo and is faring well and also very positive.

This just in! DF just called and they are looking at my case. They’ll call tomorrow re a consult in the next few days.

Okay, back to the lowdown. I have my port placement scheduled for next Tuesday. For those of you uninitiated in the ways of chemo (lucky you, first), a port is placed in my chest that goes into a large blood vessel (the superior vena cava I believe) as the smaller peripheral ones can get really irritated. My first chemo is on Thursday. I am toying with shaving my head for Locks of Love rather than waiting for it all to fall out in dribs and drabs. I think it’s long enough… Donna is already working on a cool hippy hat for me. I will want a variety so the rest of you get to work! If you don’t knit, I welcome purchased ones :). Just make sure they are made locally from named lambs colored with dyes from nearby seashells.

Okeydoke, think that’s it for now. Oh wait! The newest wordplay from Megan this a.m.: “Love and light and all breast wishes on this fine Tuesday morning!”

The contest is declared!


4 thoughts on “From Grape to Flamingo

  1. As I was saying….I’ll get you your very own local, named lamb. I’ll do the NYT crossword word you anywhere (unless you steal all the easy ones first – so not fair)! And I will work hard to not have anything but scorn and outrage for those little cancerous buggers. I trust your wisdom (but may still swear at them under my breath). Sending love and light to you, my dear, dear friend. ❤

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  2. Mary, I LOVE the light and energy and hope and humor coming through in your writing – so you. Thanks for allowing me to share in this journey, and while I don’t knit, my wife sure does (and is pretty darn good at it if I must say). We’ll get a hat going for you. I’m sending good thoughts to the breastest of VCS colleagues.

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  3. I love the positive attitude! I’m glad you’re getting a port right away. I went through my first infusion without a port and it didn’t go well. I’ve got a port now. It’s so much easier. Don’t forget to ask for a prescription for EMLA cream to use to numb the area before they stick the port at infusions. I had to specifically ask for the cream. The didn’t automatically give me a prescription. (.)(.) See you Tuesday. Just keep swimming!

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