How this is going to roll…

Hey all,

For those of you who don’t know, I have been diagnosed with breast cancer, invasive ductal carcinoma grade 2-3 to be specific. Scary? Yes. Insurmountable? I’m going to say no. Someone has to be the adult here (you’ll understand that allusion later).

For now, I am going to post updates on this blog so as to keep people informed without having to write multiple emails a day, field a gajillion texts, or (egads NO!) answer the phone. BTW, the whole thing about not liking to talk on the phone doesn’t really count when it’s cancer. Feel free to call, if I am up for it, I’ll answer, if not, I won’t but I sure will appreciate the effort!

I’ll try to make this blog enjoyable, mayhaps even funny (?), and somewhere along the way (when I am laying on the bathroom floor doing the NYT Crossword in between dry heaves), I may just have someone special take it over (if you’re very very good, I might ask you. Not really, I’ve already decided who the lucky one is).

Feel free to unsubscribe if this is not your gig. I promise I’ll still love you. -Mary


2 thoughts on “How this is going to roll…

  1. Mary, your strength, resolve, perspective, and humor are amazing. I’m so very proud of you! Yes, I got the significance of 4.20p on the clock in Brookline, even though (new phrase here!), I’m 65 years old, plus shipping and handling. I know Kim Dittus from Dragonheart Vermont. You’re lucky to be in her care, beyond the excellent staff at Dana Farber down in the Bean. Holding you close in my heart, Ellen G.

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